Friday, October 17, 2014

Work and Play

Sometimes it just takes finishing one big project to get inspired! I've been working on this snowman pillow almost a year. Maybe it doesn't seem all that big(12" X 12") but when something goes that slowly it drags you down. Now that it's behind me, and ready to go on the couch after Thanksgiving, I'm inspired! 

My street

Or maybe it's the arrival of the rainy season and cleaning out the garden that makes sitting on the sofa and crocheting so inviting. Either way, I'm full of ideas and energy to accomplish them.

Here's a couple I've just listed in my shop.

Snowman Toilet Paper Cover by CageFreeFibers

Santa Hat Toilet Paper Cover by CageFreeFibers

My mom had a crocheted doll toilet paper cover made by by aunt on the toilet for as long as I can remember. In fact, when my brother and I moved her and Dad I threw it away because it was so faded and dust-filled. The ones pictured are meant to bring a smile and not be left out indefinitely.

I do have to get past this one recent obsession though. My sweet daughter introduced me to a computer game and now I'm a bit addicted. It's called geoguessr. Have you played? You are given a street view somewhere in the world and your task is to figure out the location. Points are given based on how close your get. It makes this great big world of ours seem kinda small and at the same time incredibly diverse! Check it out, but only if you've got time to play around.

Hope you have a productive week and don't forget to take time to play!

Linda <><


  1. Congrats on finishing your pillow! I have had some projects like that in the past, but try to stay away from those that are going to take too long. I just get bored, frustrated & burnt out on them, so i figure it's best to just avoid the situation. =)

  2. The pillow is adorable and what a beautiful pathway with the fall colors!

  3. I guess I won't even go near Geoguessr - I get addicted too easily.