Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Weekend Getaway

It was our anniversary. After much deliberation we decided to make a short trip somewhere we'd never been, outside the good old USA. Our adventure took us to Sooke, BC on Vancouver Island. We live close enough that we've made several trips to Victoria, but never ventured beyond. It turns out Vancouver Island is a big, wild, outdoorsy place. Victoria is lovely, very touristy and fun for it's British vibe. It's a great place for urban hiking. The ferry runs from Victoria, so we spent some of our time there as well. Here's our weekend in pictures!


Catching the ferry at Port Angeles

A mostly gray ride over

Waiting for the best fish and chips ever at Red Fish Blue Fish
 with my friend Jonathon Livingston

An afternoon walk on Whiffin Spit


At a scenic view on our drive up the coast to the beaches

We hiked to several beaches along the Juan De Fuca Marine Trail for a day's total of a hilly 11 miles. An over-sized soaking bath tub was perfect at the end.

View from the trail at Botanical Beach

On the trail

A view on Botanical Beach

Tide pool life

Tide pools abound on Botanical Beach

I caught some waves, with the camera

Crane at the beach

Trail to our second beach, Sombrio Beach

This beach is popular with surfers

China Beach was mostly just us and the seagulls 

Mystic Beach was the last stop on our trek

To get there and back I had to overcome my fear of suspension bridges
(and heights)



This was our actual anniversary, 34 years! The day found us trail weary and limited by time. We had to get in line for the ferry in Victoria by 1:30 PM, so we got going (slowly) and spent a short day of urban hiking in Victoria. We ate brunch at an old favorite, in the garden room of Swans Brewpub. No photos, as we left the card in the tablet the night before and didn't realize it. 

We had a lovely ride back to the U.S. Then we began our search for someplace open to eat one last celebratory meal. Somehow we ended up in the quaint town of Sequim (pronounced "skwim") at Blondie's Plate.

Yummy local steamer clams

One of my all time favorites, Moscow Mule

The entire meal was truly delightful and was topped off with complimentary truffles for our special day! 

Honeymoon 1980

34 years ago if you had said I would be eating tapas in Sequim and photographing the food and Moscow mule on my phone before blogging and facebooking it for everyone to see I would have said you were mad!

Original Browning quote by Suzi Scribbles on etsy

On the other hand, if you had told me I'd be doing that or anything for that matter, with my best friend, the guy I married 34 years ago, that, my friend, I knew.
Linda <><


  1. Happy Anniversary... Looks like a great week end & some fabulous scenery! Thanks for the links alongside the Browning quotation… just think, if its been this good so far, how good the rest is going to get!!
    All the best, suzi :-)

  2. Lovely!! Wow! What a nice getaway! Your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. That scenery is amazing. What a beautiful place to get away and refresh yourself with sweeping vistas and beautiful forests and beaches.

  4. What a wonderful excursion & happy anniversary!

  5. It looks like a great trip! My parents are in Canada right now for their anniversary trip - 50 years! They are just on the opposite coast from where you took your trip. :)

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary. Sounds like a wonderful trip of discoveries with your "best friend".

  7. Happy anniversary! I loved seeing the beautiful trails and ocean views.

  8. Happy Anniversary! I really like all the pictures you took of your trip. My favorite is the one with the beautiful trees.

  9. It looks like a great trip! The pictures look great! You were so brave to go over that bridge.

  10. Happy anniversary -- Loved looking at your trip pictures.

  11. Sweet, it looks like a great adventure.
    Happy Anniversary blog buddy!
    xx oo