Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scrubby Love

I took this photo of Em on a Ruston Way walk last week. We had taken a nice long drive so she could experience busier highways and some bigger city driving. She did great. I can get good pics of her as long as she doesn't know I'm doing it. I love how this turned out, except Mount Rainier was visible with the naked eye, but the haze is just heavy enough to hide it with the phone camera (it's right by her elbow).

I've knit or crocheted almost all of my dish clothes and and scrubbies myself. Most of the scrubbies are worsted cotton and tulle. I love how they work, how well they wash up and how long they last. This week I'm experimenting with a new scrubby made from t-shirt yarn and tulle. So far I'm really pleased. Emma made a bunch of yarn from old t-shirts and I've crocheted a few baskets with it. I take mine on nearly every road trip we go on. It's really handy and strong.

I love the look and feel of my first t shirt scrubbies. I'll let you know how they wash up. I think they will be a new favorite for dish washing. I'm doing something looser with the cotton worsted and tulle for scrubbing veggies. Here's how I make them.

Materials needed: t shirt yarn, tulle cut in one inch strips, tied together and wound around something (I like using a wood clothespin),  size 15 knitting needles

1)    Hold the t shirt yarn and tulle strip together and
       cast on 8 stitches. 

2)    Knit rows until it's about 4 1/2 inches long

3)    Then cast off and weave in ends.

It's simple and super quick. I think they would be a great addition to a kitchen gift basket and they are very environmentally friendly. They can be used for dish washing or as a veggie scrubber.

Psalm 24:1 on etsy by Makewells

Hope you, too, can find fun ways to be greener this May!
Linda <><


  1. What to do with cast off tee shirts - make scrubbies - now that's a bonus for the environment and new life for the tee shirt.

  2. I so wish that i knew how to recycle t-shirts years ago when i had tons of them. Now, my recycling shirts takes them from my closet to my painting clothes drawer. =)

  3. Love this idea. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  4. Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Such a sweet picture -the haze gave it a lovely softness.
    (& thanks for the tutorial)