Monday, October 7, 2013

Jury Duty Moebius and Other Ramblings

Welcome to Tacoma statue
Last week I was on jury duty. I discovered it is a multi-stepped procedure. First, I call the night before and find out if I need to appear. When I arrive I scan in to a large holding room and wait. I wait to be called. The administrator shows some videos, tells jokes (she has a captive audience) and fills us in on the next steps. She likens it to marriage; in this room we are single (no court case), if we are called the first time we are engaged and, then, if we are chosen we are married to a court case. 

I was never engaged, never a chosen one. Out of the 300 or so folks who started the week maybe 25 or so remained.  I felt like the kid who was never picked in P.E. class. I didn't mind. I got my lovely moebius scarf/shawl done. It's warm and cozy! Some good can come from not being picked. I also walked five miles in downtown Tacoma, visited the Thursday Farmers Market, ate one day at the Amerawcan Bistro (a vegan cafe) and had a wonderful vegetarian tamale for lunch another day. I got to meet some people and check out the other crocheters' and knitters' projects. The minor inconvenience of driving thirty minutes and not knowing just what my days would bring became a lovely adventure for a work from home introvert!

Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Last weekend my traveling partner/husband and I used a groupon for a weekend in Friday Harbor, Washington. The San Juan Islands are simply beautiful and a short trip for us. As it turned out the the entire weekend was rain soaked. We live in the Pacific Northwest so we have our webbed feet, but this was almost too much. We ended up skipping a couple of hikes we had planned and opted for driving around the island instead of riding the bikes available at our inn.

Soaked in the San Juans

This weekend was totally different. Friday afternoon my daughter called to tell us she and her boyfriend were coming to visit. It ended up being a glorious fall weekend with sunshine and highs in the 60's. They left Sunday morning after Church and breakfast. We watched the Seahawks beat the Colts. Then we took a bike ride on a trail I found on Pinterest (I love Pinterest). Washington Trails Association had listed fall hikes on state, city and county lands. We took part of the 34 mile long Cedar River trail. We had gone quite a distance when we decided to stop for a water break and to check the GPS. I glanced up and this is what we were sitting under. We moved on before any bombing ensued!

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life. Matthew 6:26-27

On a completely different note, last week I finally remembered to go to Fred Meyer for the monthly senior discount. I stocked up on fruits and veggies, picked up a magazine and got a  kombucha. My big 10% one day a month discount was only good for the magazine and kombucha. Does that make any sense? Seems like the healthy food should be discounted too.

That wraps up my ramblings. No big epiphanies, I'm just thankful God is with us in all this small stuff, so we don't have to sweat it! 


  1. Me too! He definitely watches out for us.
    I've never been called for Jury Duty but figure it will happen one of these days now that the kids are grown.
    Sorry about the rainy weekend adventures but somehow I think you managed to enjoy the time anyway.

  2. Sounds like a couple fun weekends, rain or no rain. And yes, jury duty creates a nice, almost interruption free atmosphere to get a knitting project done. Love the moebius.

  3. My mom ended meeting a good friend on jury duty. I used to think my number was on the court bathroom at one point. I kept getting a summons. I kept thinking pick someone else.

    Sorry your trip was soggy.

  4. Sounds like you have been busy but!

  5. I love your writing style and your adventures sound like great fun. Funny on MY TV, the Colts beat the Seahawks...

    1. That's so funny! I must have been having such a good time I didn't notice the hawks lost! And my husband said he read this and didn't notice my mistake. I am really liking this Seahawk team--nice young men, buy I'm truly a Cornhusker at heart and we won on Saturday:)

  6. I've been called twice for jury duty. The first was right after my son was born. I was excused for being a new mommy. The second time we were moving right before the reporting date...

    Unexpected adventures always make life interesting. Love the shawl!

  7. Love reading your adventures. And that scarf is gorgeous.