Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Blogging is new to me, I admit it, but I’ve always liked writing! In fact, before the internet I would write a page or a poem, print several copies to give to friends and family. I guess that was my early version of blogging. Today I am sharing with you my third life altering experience from the summer of 2012, it is something that has made an enormous difference in every aspect of my life.

First, I read the book OneThousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It was a good, if sometimes difficult, read for me. But what I got from it was huge. It is the simple act of living in gratitude. In the book a friend challenges Ann to record 1000 things she loves. What follows is her journey to a life in eucharisteo, a life lived in gratitude.

For me, reading this as my mother was in her final days provided a unique perspective. I started my personal gratitude journal June 29, nine days after Mom’s passing. Articles abound touting the health benefits of gratitude through this ancient Biblical practice. Why do we as a culture drift from a way of life that is so simple, cheap and obvious?

It doesn't matter what or who is to blame. It is easily fixed. For me, the journal has been a blessing that I look forward to every day. I’m over one thousand and planning on tens of thousands in the years to come. I just jot it down, however big or small. Sometimes I’ll glue in a picture or a card. Other times a day is so busy I don’t get to write, but I just think that way now. It's a Pollyanna attitude. In this story her father teaches her to play the ‘Glad Game’, taking an optimistic attitude toward everything in her less than perfect life.

Quite honestly I don’t have much to complain about anyway, but I feel like I am readying myself for what may come my way. In the meantime, I am blessed and, hopefully, blessing those around me. We all have things we could complain about, but when I read books like The Hiding Place and Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwahdeh Holocaust I feel just plain spoiled.

Do you already have a gratitude journal or something of the sort? If not, I challenge you to begin. Choose a life in Eurcharisteo!


  1. I do have a "eucharisteo" journal. It does have some picures in it. One of the moon, like in Ann V's journal. Incidentally, last night the moon was awesome.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. The sun is rising and the harvest moon is setting here as I write this. It is simply spectacular. Living in the Pacific Northwest any time we can see anything other than gray in the sky is a blessing.

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  3. I can't seem to keep up with a journal so I haven't started one seriously. I like how you put it though in your post! Welcome to the world of blogging!

  4. This book has been a blessing to so many! Thank you for the reminder of how important it is to thank God. I need to get into the habit!

  5. What a wonderful idea! Maybe a family journal would be good twist on this. I try to remind my son to be thankful even for the little things each day. It is easy to brush aside that brief thought of thanks, but if you write it down it and see page after page filled with recorded blessings, you might pause for a moment longer to ponder God's goodness.

  6. I am terrible a journaling. I start then stop. I admire your commitment